Meet The Team

QIA Services Team

A quick hello from Deborah, our CEO

We are proud and inspired by the variety of our work at QIA Services. We are essentially Service Sector focussed, delivering Assessment, Accreditation and Verification and a combination of these things through our specialist software, customer service team and field-based assessment team.

Our multi-sector portfolio means there are always lessons to be learnt and best practice to be shared across our work. Many clients find the diversity intriguing and are always keen to learn about the perspectives of other industries, as well as the common ground.

We have a core staff base delivering our various contracts and B2B assessments across sectors and specialists that add incredible value to our work, and an amazing set of advisors on hand. I am incredibly proud to work with this group of talented individuals and the support staff that ensure we get our delivery right each time.

Deborah Heather

Business & product development and head honcho

Ruth Robinson

Operations, leader of all things delivery

Chris Smith

Customer service king

Stewart Reading

Alchemist of all things software

Kerry Woodward

Queen of compliance and consistency

Sarah White

Princess clean & green

Andy Woodward

DMO and tourism guru

Alistair Sandall

Hotel & food tsar

Diane Lloyd

Empress of events & STR

Mark Hocking

Ace Health & Safety maestro

Leigh Cowlishaw

Ruler of all things travel

Gavin Percy

Honourable wellbeing & mental health expert

Gavin Lendon

Green Gavin, crown prince of ESG & sustainability