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REST is good for everyone

REST is designed for any business who wants to quantify their commitment to social and ethical responsibility, and who would like to demonstrate that commitment to their customers.

This includes businesses across many different sectors, their providers and suppliers. Although the criteria are objective, they are also intrinsically designed to adapt to your business footprint, to reflect how you operate as a business, against the market norms.

The fit-for-purpose scheme, widely endorsed as the first of its kind, measures not only the environmental sustainability of your business but your commitment to staff and clients, your Corporate Social Responsibility practices, HR policies and supplier relationships and is the first to be compliant with RFP processes.

Professional Recognition

REST accreditation is a ‘one-stop-shop’ mark of quality which grades your business on the way you operate and measures your commitment to be responsible, ethical and sustainable in everything you do.

The REST quality mark you display is also supported by an online searchable listing for people looking for sustainable providers.

Cost Savings & Discounts

Being more sustainable and ethical in business can significantly reduce costs and overheads, reducing everything from energy and utility bills to landfill taxes and cleaning costs. We are continually developing relationships with affinity partners, identifying businesses who uphold the same sustainable standards and creating a network for partner introductions for mutual benefit.

The REST scoring mechanism allows businesses to achieve one of 3 rating levels…

  • Green
  • Silver
  • Gold

“Because we are a globally connected village, we need to remember that our choices are not isolated. They have a powerful ripple effect, and that ripple is global.”

Linda Fisher-Thornton

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On application our team will work with you to discuss how long they believe an inspection will take and will confirm the price with you. The price includes your inspection, membership, exclusive marketing materials including logo pack and plaque, access to negotiated discounts and regular updates. Register with us to learn more.