REST from QIA Services

Giving you the tools to be Responsible, the support to be Ethical and the power to be Sustainable

An independent accreditation awarded to businesses who can demonstrate their commitment to Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable Tourism. Backed by a robust assessment, REST looks for meaningful change in each core pillar rooted in legislation and industry best practices.

The world needs action if we are to meet ambitious climate goals set out in legislation by 2035. The industry is demonstrating a clear commitment and businesses who are facing this change head-on are preparing themselves to be more resilient and to strive in a new zero economy.

Professional Recognition

Whilst net zero is a huge global goal, we must remember this is operating in a much wider context.

The REST marque assures guests that your accommodation demonstrates not only a commitment to environmental sustainability but to your staff, suppliers and local community. Although the criteria are objective, they are also intrinsically designed to adapt to your business footprint, and to reflect how you operate as a business, against market norms.

Cost Savings & Discounts

Being more sustainable and ethical in business can significantly reduce costs and overheads, reducing everything from energy and utility bills to landfill taxes and cleaning costs.

We are continually developing relationships with affinity partners, identifying businesses who uphold the same sustainable standards and creating a network for partner introductions for mutual benefit.

The REST scoring mechanism allows businesses to achieve one of 3 rating levels: Green, Silver and Gold.

Start your REST journey… Download the criteria today and register your business today to become REST accredited.

“Because we are a globally connected village, we need to remember that our choices are not isolated. They have a powerful ripple effect, and that ripple is global.”

Linda Fisher-Thornton

Excellence in business got complicated, let us guide and support you

On application, our team will work with you to understand your business, confirm the price and discuss how long they believe an inspection will take. The price includes your annual audit, membership and marketing materials including logo pack and report. Register with us to learn more.