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Showcasing food that’s more than just flavour…

FARE stands for Food that is Authentic, Responsible and Ethical and that’s what we and many of today’s consumers are looking for.

FARE has been designed to recognise restaurants, cafes, bars, mobile eateries and any other food and beverage provider that go above and beyond simple flavour. What is your ethos as a business and your commitment to be the best? FARE validates your already great customer reviews and gives your business independent recognition of your values, beyond just serving food.

For particularly outstanding businesses, we also award either a ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ level standard which highlights your business as something very special indeed.

The FARE scoring mechanism allows businesses to achieve one of 3 rating levels…

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Green

Street, Easy, Relaxed or Refined

Earn recognition for your food, drink and service, whatever your style.

Who is FARE designed for?

FARE is for any premises that serves good food, whether you are an independent operator or part of a larger hospitality brand. You could be a business operating from a single unit, a multiple sites, or mobile e.g. event caterers and food trucks. We’re looking for brands that believe their food is authentic and something special, and who put responsibility and ethics at the heart of their operations too.

There are four core categories: Street, Easy, Relaxed and Refined, and your business will be assessed and awarded an accolade that suits your offer. Our assessors will advise the category that they feel best represents your business, once they have been visited you.

What do we look for when evaluating FARE?

To determine whether a business is FARE, we focus on several core areas:

  • Consumer Safety & Basic Standards This is an evaluation of your core legal and ethical obligations as a business. Many of these criteria are shared with our Safe, Clean & Legal™ scheme, making sure your business is safe and compliant.
  • Environmental and Economic Management Including measures for the way you do business, how you minimise your environmental impact and how you focus on business sustainability.
  • Supplier practices and business compliance Quantifying how you select suppliers and work with them to minimise their impact in working with your business.
  • Every business will be assessed against the criteria for each cornerstone, including information which can be provided in advance of the assessment (for example your annual energy usage) and aspects which will be evaluated by our assessor on site.

“Laughter is brightest where food is best.”

Irish proverb

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