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Is your business Safe, Clean & Legal™?

Entry-level accreditation giving customers the reassurance to book with you, when a star rating or other accreditation may not be relevant or applicable.

Safety and compliance are the minimum standards that customers should expect of any place that they visit. But how can they be sure that this is the case?

Safe, Clean & Legal™ provides an independent reassurance that you meet or exceed all current standards. It is our entry-level accreditation, giving your customers confidence.

It is the only scheme of its type that requires the uploading of documentation such as fire and gas certificates and risk assessments, with the added benefit of a reminder system to ensure you always have up-to-date certificates and your accreditation is always valid.

There are three levels in the programme…

  • Safe & Legal A quick and simple desktop process.
  • Safe, Clean & Legal™ In addition to completing an on-line process one of our team will visit the property and carry out a full assessment.
  • Safe, Clean & Legal™ Advanced Where there is the need for a greater degree of compliance, for example leisure facilities or any other business sector with complex regulations to be complied with.

In the post-pandemic world of travel, nearly 80% of potential guests expect any provider they book with to have an independent accreditation of their standards, and 64% expect the accreditation to include an independent inspection.

Who is Safe, Clean & Legal™ designed for?

Consumers will assume that any property in which you pay to stay in will be safe and complies with all necessary regulations. In reality, this may not be the case, particularly with the increase in online platforms booking homestay accommodation.

Consumers will be seeking reassurance when looking at a wide range of businesses, from B&Bs and Hotels, restaurants and bars, student accommodation, retirement residences, care homes and even facilities such as spas, gyms and leisure centres.

Safe, Clean & Legal™ accreditation works for all of these businesses to reassure potential users, and their families that simple checks ensuring the viability of the property – and reliability of the information provided – has been carried out by an independent, qualified third party.

We assess…

…the legal and regulatory compliance, cleanliness of the operation and the accuracy of the businesses’ online presence.

Our checks are annual, robust and objective, rather than personal opinion. It’s this impartiality that makes the Safe, Clean & Legal™ scheme so strong and more valuable than consumer online reviews.

Our assessors are the guardians of legal standards ensuring that businesses have the correct documentation and checks in place, from fire safety to food safety, confirming that the business meets or exceeds minimum standards.


Yes. Register on our site to find out exactly what you need to do for you property, we are usually looking for things such as: Public Liability Certificate, Employers Liability Certificate, Fire Risk Assessment, A health & Safety Risk Assessment. We can supply templates where appropriate.

If the business has more than five employees. Although this is not a requirement for businesses that have under five employees, it is good practise to still complete a Risk Assessment to prove risk has mitigated.

It is recommended that there is a SARs (A respiratory disease caused by corona virus infection that causes flu like symptoms) section within the Health and Safety Risk Assessment document. It is best to be prepared.

Yes. You need be registered with the EHO though. Allergens, specific food and ingredient labelling must be very clearly displayed.

Yes, but the furniture items must adhere to The Furniture and Furnishings(Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 and with the labels intact.

Yes. Carbon monoxide detectors must be provided in every room containing a fossil fuel-burning appliance, such as a boiler, oven or log burner.


Yes. We will look at the following documentation:

• A Hot tub Risk Assessment.
• Maintenance and cleaning schedules.
• Chemical check records.
• Customer communication stating 'rules of the hot tub'.

Yes. Register on our site and you will get the criteria specific for your type of property and our friendly customer service and business support teams are happy to help.

Case Studies

The owners of Sara’s Cottage are passionate about giving excellent customer service to all their guests. As part of their commitment this includes taking the health and Safety of both their guests, team members and themselves very seriously.

During the Safe, Clean and Legal Accreditation it was clear from the in-depth Risk Assessment and supplementary information that was provided. For a small self-catering accommodation offering the work that had been achieved on accessibility, inclusivity and diversity was to be celebrated and noted. Something that the owners themselves were not doing before the assessment.

The process supported them with:

  • Formalising the recording of paperwork and implementing a cleaning colour coding system throughout the accommodation.
  • Gave them reassurance and confidence in all aspects of the policies and procedures implemented within the accommodation
  • Plan B in case of illnesses. Wellbeing strategy discussed.

The owner of The Devonian Guest House was a little apprehensive before embarking on the Safe, Clean and Legal Accreditation process. However, it was quickly apparent that the Health & Safety of their guests and staff were incredibly important to them.

There were already some good procedures in place throughout the business. These just needed to be formalised which is what QIAS Services supported the business with throughout the process.

The process supported them with:

  • Supported to update the Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
  • Formalised training records for the housekeeping team to ensure constancy across the team.
  • Formalised cleaning checklists for the housekeeping team to adhere to. These will also be kept so can be referred to if required.
  • Reviewed and updated the customer information systems.
  • As the business is ran by the owners, with support of several housekeepers, Wellbeing was high on the agenda to be discussed. How to stay happy and healthy during the busy season and what is the plan B if either of the owners were to become poorly.

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