Mystery Shopping & Benchmarking

Mystery Shopping from QIA Services

What’s your first impression?

It is so difficult to see yourself as others see you which is why businesses use mystery shopping.

It’s an easy way to have an impartial check on the experience you are giving to customers, identify areas for improvement and develop training programmes for continuous improvement. You can take a one-off snapshot of the business or use Mystery Shopping as a regular, comparable benchmark of your ongoing performance.

Mystery shopping from QIA Services comes with all the benefits of an anonymous customer together with the advantage of having an expert critical friend. You will get a report that not only identifies your strengths and weaknesses but also provides tangible, relevant and sector-appropriate advice to change and improve your business.

We go through the whole ‘customer journey’ – from your website, through your call centre, booking or enquiries team to the experience itself and then what, if any, follow-up you do afterwards. First impressions, service delivery and follow-up. All of the touch-points a paying customer will experience.

Whilst our background is steeped in tourism and hospitality, we have developed mystery customer programmes specifically for…

  • Reservation / Customer Service teams
  • Owners of small B&B’s or guest houses
  • Conference venues
  • Spa bookings
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Private dining experiences
  • Leisure club services

With today’s emphasis on peer reviews, let us ‘de-risk’ your operation and help you to grow and retain your customer base

All of our consultancy work is handled on a case-by-case basis, so register with us to ask for our support and enquire how it might work for you.