Great4 from QIA Services

What are you Great4?

In business, you have to stand out from the crowd. You will already know what your USPs are but are they that different from your nearest competitor? What can you do that will give you the edge you need?

We all know that guests and visitors are looking for activities and events that are immersive and experiential, and so much more goes into their trip than just a bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Customers are looking for activities and events that immerse them deep into their chosen destination, allow them to enjoy the very best food & drink on offer as well as discover accommodation options that suit their whole family.

Our Great4 Accolades are designed to highlight specific areas where you shine. They can be added to your Star Grading Assessment for our assessors to review and evaluate just how much you go ‘above and beyond’. The result is a handy logo, independently assessed by us, which you can use on your marketing materials to help attract your future guests.

Our Great4 accolades include…

Afternoon Tea, Ancestry, Anglers, Art Aficionados, Babies & Infants, Beach Lovers, Cakes, Children, Chocolate Lovers, Cider Lovers, Cyclists, Dark Sky Watchers, Eco Explorers, Extended Families, Farm Tours, Garden Gazers, Gin Lovers, Golfers, Health & Wellbeing, History Buffs, Island Hopping, Live Entertainment, Military Historians, Nature Watchers, Outdoor Adventures, Pampering, Pets, Seafood Specialists, Surfing, Twitchers, Walkers and Young People.

Plus our accessibility-focussed Great4’s…

Accessible Activities, Carers Welcome, Hard of Hearing, Partially Sighted, Registered Blind, Registered Deaf, Walking Difficulties, Wheelchair Friendly.

Ready to take the next step?

If you would like to take advantage of any of our Great4’s, please register with us.