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Why is wellness and mental wellbeing so important?

Focused on wellbeing and mental health, this accreditation helps you build a culture and community for your team, visitors and the community alike. Enhancing the employee and customer experience and supporting business partners with the reassurance they need for their travellers.

The importance of wellness and mental wellbeing in the workplace has never before had the focus that it has today.

There has been a boom in wellness operators, but how can you demonstrate that your organisation is committed to the health & wellbeing of your staff and customers?

The wellBme Quality Assessment is a demonstrable benchmark of your commitment, with a logo that offers reassurance to your guests, alongside evidence which can be presented as part of any RFP process. For the customer it highlights how you deliver their experience; for major businesses it can help deliver enquiries and RFP’s to demonstrate the quality of your environment.

We are looking for best practice, to see that you are doing as much as you can do for health and wellbeing in your environment.

The wellBme scoring mechanism allows businesses to achieve one of 3 rating levels…

  • Standard
  • Silver
  • Gold

Who is wellBme designed for?

wellBme is not a restrictive assessment and can be used by any business or operator to demonstrate their commitment. It can be used to underpin RFP assessments, or to demonstrate your commitment to customers, but is otherwise non-restrictive in how or why you operate your business, as long as health and wellness are at the heart of what you do.

It is designed to be an ongoing annual assessment, to support your business to innovate, drive your health & wellbeing performance, and challenge yourself, your team, your customers and your community to reach new heights.

What do we look for?

wellBme has been developed around three key pillars, within the context of health and mental health, wellness, and wellbeing:

  • Environment Your experiential space including facilities and management. This includes looking at facilities provision, policies that enhance the customer experience e.g. healthy meetings policy, green spaces and relaxation areas and training support programmes.
  • Sustenance Considering your food service provision and your communication of that provision to customers and staff e.g. your menu and choice of healthy options, your allergen management and your local supplier procurement.
  • Community Including your ethics, support and available training. The focus here is on your staff and your position within the wider community, including your employment policies such as the Living Wage, internships and work plans, and your staff health and wellbeing programmes.

The three pillars combine to give an overall score, which can be used to demonstrate your commitment and to benchmark you against businesses of a similar size.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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